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Emergent Leaders' Programme

This programme from the National Teaching School  is ideal for teachers in the first five years of teaching, with the ambition and qualities needed 

Building on the success of the first ELP cohorts, this course blends reflections on leadership in schools and leadership of classroom practice.  It explores issues facing schools and how to become an effective school leader.   This programme supports your succession planning, aids retention and supports the OFSTED criteria that schools should support and develop those in the early stages of their career.


What will it achieve?

Having completed the course participants will…

  • Explored leadership and management;
  • Analysed leadership styles and effective leadership in schools;
  • Examined leadership of learning;
  • Developed skills to have challenging conversations;
  • Developed personal action plans;
  • Developed aspirations and confidence in their ability to lead successfully;
  • Undertaken a school improvement investigation that relates to their own context;
  • Have a greater understanding of the issues facing school leaders.


The key ingredient of the programme is the opportunity to discuss leadership with others and to meet previous graduates of the ELP.  All participants will be asked to complete a school improvement/research project, that relates to their own context.  This project will be identified by the participant and their headteacher.  The participant will need to research the issue, explore how other schools address it (this may involve a visit to another school) and suggest solutions to the headteacher.  This is not designed to be an onerous task, but give the participant an opportunity to look at real problems, have discussions at a leadership level with their senior team, develop leadership thinking and provide workable solutions.  Examples may be:

  • How can we make communication more effective between senior leaders and teachers in school?
  • How can we involve parents more in their child’s learning?
  • How can we develop learn to learn strategies?
  • How can we more effectively support reading at home?
  • What makes an effective well-being questionnaire for staff?

 The project is reported as a summary, on 2 sides of A4 paper, and presented to other participants.   Download more information here.